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Thursday, 13 October 2011

1st SONG THRUSH & HERRING GULLS at Corner Hall Offices

So far today whilst working at my office in Corner Hall...

2 DUNNOCKS were vocal in the morning, 1 calling loudly & another singing quietly - I haven't had them here in a while.
At 9.15 a SKYLARK flew over.
I heard a GREENFINCH throughout the day.
I heard 3 ROBINS, 1 singing & 1 'ticking' which I presume are the regular birds, then another singing further away.
A COAL TIT was singing it's whole repetoir of calls.
Some GOLDFINCHES were about.
At 9.50am a party of 13 LONG-TAILED TITS flew NE over my office towards Lawn Lane.
A SKYLARK flew over as the L-T Tits were passing.
I heard a GOLDCREST briefly.
At 10.10am 2 HERRING GULLS, an Adult & a Juvenile, circled high over & drifted S - these really aren't seen very often in Hemel.
At 10.35am a REDWING flew over.
At 11.00am a SONG THRUSH flew over highish, heading S whilst calling - my first one seen here at the offices & on my work list.
At 11.05am a SISKIN flew over calling.
At 11.10am I heard a SISKIN again.
At 11.30am a MEADOW PIPIT flew over.
The 8 CANADA GEESE were on the canal at B&Q again - I noticed that one of the fully adult birds is smaller with a shorter, stockier neck & slightly paler flanks, baring a slight resemblance to a LESSER CANADA GOOSE (Branta canadensis parvipes). I'll try to refind it to get a photo at some point.
2 MUTE SWANS flew from Boxmoor to Two Waters.
The regular 2 MUTE SWANS were at the river Gade opposite the Honda garage.
A PIED WAGTAIL was around all day, at one point singing.
At 2.21pm a CORMORANT flew over N towards town.
I heard some CHAFFINCHES pass nearby.
At 3.05pm 2 PIED WAGTAILS flew N towards town.
At 3.15pm what appeared to be c.21 REDWINGS flew NE towards Lawn Lane.
At 3.45pm a SKYLARK flew over.

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