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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Mini VisMig + REDPOLL at Corner Hall Offices

I had to make a delivery to the Industrial Estate this morning where I heard a couple of PIED WAGTAILS around Mark Road & a JAY was near Maylands Avenue.

On my way back to work I decided to cycle via the disused sports ground on the N side of Breakspear Way (A414) (click on the 'Location' section below this post to view on a map). It was immediately apparent that it was to be a good day for migrating passerines so I decided to do a half hour-ish mini VisMig...

I had a best count of 6 REDWINGS around Hawthorns on the N edge, starting with 4 birds appearing in the air, settling down, then joined by others.
c.5 BLACKBIRDS were feeding with the Redwings, including a very orange Juvenile.
A GREY WAGTAIL flew over to the W side, then conitued towards Maylands Avenue later.
c.15 SKYLARKS tricked over SW, the biggest flock being 4, some birds going E I presumed were the same birds returning. One bird joined the Redwing flock when they circled for a while.
9 MEADOW PIPITS passed over, a single SW accompanying a Skylark, a flock of 4 SW, then another 4 E which weren't the same birds.
I heard PIED WAGTAILS flying over.
There was a high number of JAYS about.
Some LONG-TAILED TITS were about.
5+ CHAFFINCHES flew in from the E high, 3 arrived together.
A single GREENFINCH flew over.
A WREN was bouncing on a Leylandii.

Across the road at Marchmont Pond (the balancing tank on the S side of Breakspear Way, W of Holiday Inn) I saw the following during a 5 minute look...

A Female SPARROWHAWK was hunting.
A flock of 4 or 5 SKYLARKS flew over SW.
A Female GREY WAGTAIL was sat peacefully on the curved wall on the N side, despite the Sparrowhawk on the hunt.
A SONG THRUSH was sneaking about.
Loads of GREAT TITS were noisily moving about.
LONG-TAILED TITS accompanied the Great Tits.
I heard a GOLDCREST.

As I continued on to work, at 10.50 37 REDWINGS flew around over St. Albans Road (A414) between Leverstock Green & Adeyfield.

Whilst working at my office in Corner Hall for the rest of the day I saw the following...

At 12.05pm 10 SKYARKS flew over S.
At 12.15pm a very red LESSER REDPOLL flew between the offices noisily 'chet chet chetting'.
I could hear a GOLDFINCH.
3 PIED WAGTAILS flew over S & others called throught the day.
I heard a GREY WAGTAIL throughout the day then saw it at 4.45pm flying to B&Q.
At 4.50pm a Juvenile HERRING GULL flew S to roost towards Two Waters with BLACK HEADED GULLS.
At 5.15 2 GREY WAGTAILS flew over the offices & one was heard just as it was getting dark.

All-in-all a pretty good day bird-wise considering I was working...

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