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Friday, 30 September 2011

My 1st GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER at Corner Hall Offices

[29°C & clear blue sky]

A boisterous Pied Wagtail on office roofs at Corner Hall, Hemel Hempstead.

One PIED WAGTAIL of yesterday was about again, being very noisy at times, often singing. It's a very boisterous bird, at one point aggressively chasing one of 3 GOLDFINCHES away from 'its' rooftop.
In the morning a GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER flew over the roof opposite my window & between the office buildings - my first, & most unexpected, at this location.
A BLUE TIT & a GREAT TIT were both about.
A SMALL TORTOISESHELL Butterfly flew past my window.
At 10.25 a SISKIN flew over - only my second bird this winter & a repeat of yesterday.
I could hear some odd calls now & then that I presume could possibly be a RING-NECKED PARAKEET.
Yesterday's group of CANADA GEESE on the canal at B&Q had increased to 8 birds.
At 11.40 a MEADOW PIPIT flew over.
A BUZZARD was gliding over from town towards Two Waters.
Some GREENFINCHES flew over.
In the afternoon a LINNET (the first I've actually seen here) was twittering atop a tree bordering B&Q where a flock of 9 GOLDFINCHES & a BLUE TIT were feeding, before flying off E.

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