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Monday, 22 December 2014

Another photo of Probable SIBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF at Kings Langley

Revisiting the Possible SIBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF of recent at KLAS Kings Langley Fishery (Kings Langley Lake), I was looking through some of the photos again when I came across one I had overlooked as it was SO bad, but on closer inspection this pic may be the best one to show the bird as it looked in the field & also shows some of the identification features...

Note the following in the photo:

  • Greyer, paler nape than mantle & crown
  • Slight green tinge only in flight feathers
  • Faint wing-bar - sometimes mentioned in the identification of some 'Sibes'
  • Pale grey patch on shoulder
  • Buff supercillium (eye-stripe)
  • Paleish cheek with darker rear/lower border - can see in this pic that the cheek is infact buff/tan toned
  • Very pale (almost white) below
  • Gentle buff tone in flanks - this photo is more true to the lighness of the buff colouration than the others
  • General greyish-brown colouration with lack of yellow & greens despite yellowish cast to photo

A Google image search quickly brings up birds that seem to match this one. & with the combination of this & the call, which was bang-on for me, I'm now feeling pretty confident of its ID.

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