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Thursday, 29 August 2013

HEMEL MEGA: Female REDSTART at Lower Roughdown Common - in hedgerow at top of small rough field SSW of gas tower frames at Boxmoor.


Extract of quick email to local birding groups including details:

I got up early & specifically made a point of visiting this small area to look for chats / flycatchers as the habitat looks good, if only a tiny area. It was a fairly fleeting view unfortunately, I was watching 2 Dunnocks & another brown bird on the fence when the Female REDSTART popped up from the ground for a second or so then flew up into the hawthorn. I couldn't find it again but with more time I'm sure it could be dug out. If visiting by car I think you would be ok parking on Roughdown Avenue, it is residential but a wide rough road where I don't think people would mind, if not Roughdown Road or the surrounding streets would be fine I'm sure. If you park here take the footpath leftish at the top of Roughdown Road, go through the gate to the old quarry area then follow the footpath all the way up through the wood until you come out at the small, rough, sloped field. It was along the fence & hedge at the top of this field (on your right as you come through the gate) about 1/4 to 1/3 of the way along the hedge. I hope this helps.

Grid reference for Google Maps etc. 51.738593,-0.483142

I also saw what I could only describe as an Icterine Warbler but not 100% sure... Details > HERE <.

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