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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Where are Piccotts End Pools?

I often get asked where Piccotts End Pools is, how to get to the pools & where to view them from so here is a basic marked out map showing how to get there.

Before we start it's worth mentioning that Piccotts End Pools is in fact L. Cura & Sons fish farm which is an ever changing working environment & is actually in the process of being turned into a fishing complex, including banks being purged & pools joined to form small lakes.

There is no general access to the fish farm & the pools can only be viewed from the adjacent public footpath.

The pools are actually NW of Piccotts End Village, on the other side of the A4146 Leighton Buzzard Road, which often isn't realised by people visiting, who look for the pools around the village area without any luck.

There is nowhere to legally park near the footpaths as the roads surrounding the pools are private, the nearest places to park being The Red Lion Pub at Water End to the NW, or Piccotts End Village itself to the SE. Alternatively you could park at Hillier Garden Centre which is right next door E of the pools but despite it being within metres of the pools there is not a good view of the area due to the trees & hedge, plus it is actually slightly further to walk to get to the main viewing area.

The AQUA Pinpoint is the general location of Piccotts End Pools.

The AQUA Line is the main footpath between Piccotts End Village & Noake Mill Lane, this runs alongside the SW border of the pools where the pools can be viewed best from.

The GREEN Pinpoint is the best area to view the pools from.

The INDIGO Lines are alternative footpaths that join up with the main footpath so that you can access the area from different directions or extend your walk.

The map is interactive so you can zoom in or out to get your bearings & I hope it helps if you choose to visit the area.

View Basic Map of Access to View Piccotts End Pools in a larger map


  1. Hi Dan

    Any swans on the pools?

    Regards Mike

  2. Hi Mike,

    there are Mute Swans there now & then but I am yet to notice any rings, though I will keep trying. Same goes for Water End & Great Gaddesden. I'll let you know as soon as I see any.

    Kind Regards,


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