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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

New PEREGRINE stuck on KD Tower in June!

I've just noticed a very interesting post on the RSPB Community website. A user called 'Falcon?' photographed a different PEREGRINE to our wintering Female, stuck on a terrace on the KD (Kodak) Tower in June! Apparently it crash landed onto Falcon?'s terrace & took ten minutes to work out it could not fly off through the glass barrier. When it did finally fly off it left behind the prey it had caught, a fledgling Thrush.

PEREGRINE on terrace on KD Tower, Hemel Hempstead.
© 'Falcon?'

PEREGRINE on terrace on KD Tower, Hemel Hempstead.
Lack of 'Pink CX' ring on right leg differentiates this bird from our regular wintering Female,
who's Winter roost is funnily enough just out of shot to the right.
© 'Falcon?'

Great to hear of another PEREGRINE in Hemel, especially in the summer months, & funny how this is so close to the Winter roost of our regular bird, in fact the roost is only just out of shot to the right. With these two PEREGRINES, the semi-regular SAKER HYBRID Type, & a  GYR/SAKER HYBRID Type being seen in the immediate area within the year, PLUS the Male PEREGRINE I saw at Piccotts End Pools last Winter, Hemel Hempstead is becomming a bit of an urban Peregrine hotspot!

The original post on the RSPB Community website can be viewed > HERE <.

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