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Friday, 13 January 2012

Colour-ringed MUTE SWAN 054 at canal at Corner Hall

Male Mute Swan taken with mobile phone at B&Q, Corner Hall.
For the last few years a pair of Mute Swans have been pretty resident in the Corner Hall / Boxmoor / Two Waters area on the River Gade & Grand Union Canal. They breed each year in the area around the small bridge over the river near Brayley Honda & B&Q, with their fluffy young often admired by passers by as they feed on the narrow stretch of grass between the main road (Two Waters Way) & the river. Over the winter I've been seeing a pair of MUTE SWANS in this same area which I am presuming are the same pair.

I remember seeing a Colour-ring on one of the swans before but never really paid much notice, so on seeing a Colour-ring on one of the swans today on the canal at B&Q I thought I'd make a note of it & see if (A) this is the same pair that breed in that area each year, & (B) where these birds were ringed & have been seen since. The Pen (Female) has an orange Colour-ring on her left leg with  054  in black text, which I managed to get a photo with my mobile phone, as well as a metal ring on her right leg. The Cob (Male) just has a metal ring on his left leg which I couldn't read this time as they are incredibly hard to see, but I will try again soon. I've sent the details of the Female's ring to Euring hoping to receive some background on this bird, though I don't expect it to have come far, it may be interesting none the less. I'll post as soon as I get back any info for those of you interested, for now here are my snaps taken on my mobile phone...

Colour-ring  054  on Female Mute Swan taken with mobile phone.


  1. Not a comment on this post exactly, but, just wanted to say I like the new look to your site. Great stuff! (Lucy)

  2. Thank you very much Lucy, I really appreciate your opinion. I have been playing with the design a bit to make it a bit more 'friendly' without changing the layout too much. I really wanted to be able to report sightings as I see them until I get to write up my posts so I added the Twitter feed on the right for everyone to see, it only shows the last 5 'tweets' from me but when it gets busy come Spring I'll adjust it to suit. regarding the design, I was looking for a 'garden shed come birdwatching hide' look whilst retaining the 'birding notebook' feel & ended up with this... Now I just need to get posting more & add my back-log posts. Thanks again, take care & good luck birding :)

    1. No problem - your hard work is paying off - it's a great site! The 'bird hide/garden shed' look works a treat.(Lucy)


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