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Friday, 14 October 2011

HEMEL MEGA: WOODLARK Calling over Corner Hall!

Whilst working at my office in Corner hall today I recorded the following...

A DUNNOCK calling.
A ROBIN singing.
A MEADOW PIPIT flew over.
At 10.15am a REDWING flew over low S.
At 10.20am 2 SKYLARKS flew over SW.
A GREENFINCH was about.
At 12.40pm atleast 1 SISKIN called as it flew over.
At 1.30pm another SISKIN flew over calling.
At 2.00pm a SKYLARK flew over.
At 3.40pm another SKYLARK flew over.
At 4.50pm a CORMORANT flew over S.

The best bird today came at 2.10pm, when I heard the flutey 'tuud-luee' call of a WOODLARK flying over, & as I jumped up to put my head out of the window I heard it twice more. I had my ear 'tuned-in' as I'd been listening to recordings of larks over the weekend as, one; I'd just come back from Portugal & was double checking the larks I had seen there. And two; I'd been revising the calls of good birds that may fly over on migration anyway. This is my first record for Hemel, & I don't expect to get one again any time soon. As I logged in to my email to report it I saw that others had also been seen & heard today at Ivinghoe Beacon in Bucks, & The Lodge heath & The Pinnacle, in Sandy, Beds. Must just be a good day for them.

Here is a recording of a Woodlark call, like the one i heard...
In case you are wondering, the reason I get to see & hear so many birds flying over from my office is this... I'm high-up(ish) in the third storey, there are windows along the length of the office for a wide view, the windows are always open & it's a quiet area so I can hear outside well, the river & canal are both nearby which birds seem to follow, it faces N so if I hear a bird during Autumn migration it is usually still flying towards me as I look out, & the view from my chair is pretty much completely, unobscured sky. Think, a 3 storey Tower 42.

The view from my office seat at work in Corner Hall, Hemel Hempstead - proving to be a great VizMigging spot

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