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Monday, 31 October 2011

PEREGRINE & PIED WAGS Roost, as Four FOXES Fight at Night

I left work at about 11.30pm & walked home to the Mum-in-law's via Dominos Pizza. I thought it would be rude not to use the 'Any pizza. Any size. £7.99.' voucher that had been posted at work. Whilst ambling back to Highfield...
The Female PEREGRINE was sat at her roost on the BT building just after 11.30pm.
At the usual spot in the Town Centre, opposite The British Heart Foundation, there were over 100 PIED WAGTAILS silently roosting in the trees with their heads tucked away. In fact, I couldn't actually tell where their heads were! I think they were tucked cosily into their puffed up breast feathers. It felt very surreal to see these usually non-stop, hyperactive, wind-up toy birds sat peacfully motionless all together in such great numbers. It was as if they were in such a deep sleep I could easily just reach up into the tree, take one in my hand, & it would just be 'okay' about it. I attemped a photo but with the leaves still on the trees, & the fact it was pitch black, it was a tad difficult, & I didn't want to disturb them, so I left it. Maybe when the leaves have fallen I will go back & get a record shot of them all & attempt a more accurate count.
As I walked up Queesway a very large RED FOX ran out infront of me near the Jet garage, it crossed the road & disappeared into the bushes. Judging by its size I'd say it was probably a Male. I considered throwing it a slice of my 'Meateor' pizza but it had already slinked off into the shadows.
As I passed the 1st Hemel Hempstead Scout Group HQ I heard what I can only describe as the sound young Simba makes when he 'roars' in The Lion King, a kind of 'meowing' growl. I heard it again along with the skipping of paws on hard ground. I looked into the scout group carpark & garden to see 3 RED FOXES chasing each other around, & what looked like, rough play fighting. They were so carried away that they didn't seem to notice me stood there watching them, leant on the gate. Infact one ran straight towards me, stopped just a few metres away when it saw me, then turned back to continue squabbling. These three looked like young Foxes, I couldn't say I noticed a Vixen & I couldn't make out any white on their tail tips in the dark.
During the 50 minutes I was outside, I must have heard about 20 REDWINGS calling as they flew over in the darkness, most notably in the Town Centre.
I also heard a SONG THRUSH as it passed overhead.

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