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Monday, 10 October 2011

My 1st REDWING of Winter at Corner Hall Offices

[17°C, strong W wind & overcast]

In the morning an Adult Light-backed Larus gull was circling high & blown S by the wind - Common or Herring but couldn't tell from distance & in gales.
A SWAN Sp. flew over quite low being thrown about by the wind - probably just a Mute Swan but it did look very slim & pale-faced much like a Whooper Swan, the possibility of it being a feral Whooper from Tring way could not be discounted.
At 12.25pm my first REDWING of the winter flew low S over my office in Corner Hall.
At about 3.45pm 5 larger THRUSH Sp. appeared from the sky & flew (blew) S with an undulating flight towards Boxmoor / Two Waters - most probably Mistle Thrushes but couldn't rule out Fieldfares.
At 5.00pm an adult LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL was hanging on the wind.
Just after 6.00pm, when I passed on my way home, the PEREGRINE was on its roost near the 'magic roundabout'.

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