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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Rough-Legged-looking Buzzard

Photos taken at range at dusk.

Note whitish head with faint moustacial streaking & white chest with 'necklace' of streaks, pale 'v' on mantle & pale area on secondary coverts, dark belly, 'trousers' darker at outside-top but white visible when walking, thick whiteish legs, white undertail coverts & tail (only just visible here) with thick black terminal band.

I also have these diabolical semi-silhouette / blurred / low light / low shutter-speed / very high ISO record shots in flight - even though most detail lost in dark, in silhouette against sky, & grain, & the true contrast of light & dark is less obvious, the black terminal band is still apparent, & a buffish underwing with dark carpal patch is just about visible (last pic).

Compare the details such as paler markings on back, amount of white on tail visible when wings folded etc with this Rough-legged Buzzard stood with same profile:

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